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Mahalo Pictures and Videos

The worlds favorite pirate can afford any amp in the world (he owns his own island for crying out loud). We're proud that he plays a Mahalo AEM50.

Johnny Depp rocking his AEM50

Johnny Depp rocking his AEM50

The Softer Side of a Katy66. Reggie Ward playing a little jazz on a three humbucker John Marshall hollow body through a Katy66 during an in-booth demo at NAMM 2013. Nashid Abdhul on bass.

And the harder side of the exact same amp later in the day. Joe Walla turned a few knobs and got some killer rock tones from a single coil guitar and a Katy66 also at NAMM 2013.

Bill Bell (Jason Mraz) sent us a shot of his rig from a recent gig in Istanbul Turkey.

Bill Bell

And here's a shot of Bill with his pair of AEM50 amps. Bill Bell

Why not a shot of Bill and Jason melting tens of thousands of faces. Bill Bell

Here's what Bill has to say about his Mahalos:

"Hey guys! I want to say thank you again for making such incredible amps!!! I'm running 2 AEM 50's in stereo on the Jason Mraz world tour. This photo is from the V Festival in London UK that will be broadcast world wide with all the other bands and I couldn't be happier with the tone I heard on the mix back. I'm excited for you to see and hear the show! All the best, Bill"

Somewhere down on that stage in San Francisco are a couple of Mahalo amps and Bill Bell. Bill Bell

Photo by Eric Morgensen Photography, All rights reserved.

Bill Bell and one of his Mahalo AEM50 amps and 2-12 cabs. Pimped out in Surf Green and White.

Bill Bell

Watch Mahalo endorser Andy Andersson rocking a pair of Katy66 amps with Fuel at the Orlando House of Blues. Please pardon the shaky iPhone video.

Video by Sam Eakins, Tyler Eakins (Thanks, guys!)

Premier Guitar Video from Summer NAMM

Greg Marra showing his skills and demoing our Katy66 for Premier Guitar.

Ford Thurston

Ford is checking out the Katy66 at the 2010 Nashville Amp Expo

Ford also wowed us with his playing on our DR20.

Gary Serkin


Katy66 Control Panel

Katy66 2-12 Vertical Combo

Verical 2-12 Cab

Veritical 2-12 Cab Top

Side View Vertical 2-12

DR20M 1-12 Combo

1-12 Combo Front

Top View of small 1-12

Panel View DR20M

DR20 1-15 Combo

Front View 1-15 Combo,

Side View 1-15 Combo

2011 Nashville Amp Expo Promo Picture

Mahalo katy66 Half Stack Rocking the 2011 Nashville Amp Expo Promo Pic